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Edward L. Wheeler. Wrinkles, the Night-Watch Detective. March 24, 1885.

A Philadelphia gamin detective.


Philip S. Warne. Little Shoo-Fly; or, A Race for a Ranch. March 31, 1885.

Ranch life in the southwest.


Prentiss Ingraham. Isodor, the Young Conspirator; or, The Fatal League. A Tale of the "Lopez Revolution" of 1849 in "The Ever Faithful Isle." April 7, 1885.

Followed by Half-dime Library, no. 407.

Cuba during one of its struggles for freedom from Spain, 1849.


Charles Morris. Firefly Jack, the River-Rat Detective; or, A Queer Case. April 14, 1885.

Philadelphia and "Bungtown," Ohio.


"Buckskin Sam" (Sam S. Hall). Little Lariat; or, Pecan Pete's Big Rampage. April 21, 1885.

In the vicinity of "Rio Grande City," Texas, just before the great battle of the Cortina war.


Edward L. Wheeler. Deadwood Dick in Dead City. April 28, 1885.

Deadwood Dick story No. 30. Arizona is the scene of this tale.


Henry B. Stoddard. The Mad Man-Hunter; or, Mystery of Golden Gulch. May 5, 1885.

Found in: Half-dime Library, no. 406; Half-dime Library, no. 1149.

"Golden Gulch," Colorado. Vengeance of a madman.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Boy Insurgent; or, The Cuban Vendetta. A Romance of Cuba and its Waters at the Time of the Unfortunate "Lopez Expedition." May 12, 1885.

Preceded by Half-dime Library, no. 402, and followed by Half-dime Library, no. 412.

Cuba, 1849, with a retrospect in Mobile, Alabama.


Philip S. Warne. Little Leather-Breeches; or, Old Jumbo's Curse. May 19, 1885.

Farmers in the mining region of Colorado, 186-. Lost in a cave.


Oll Coomes. Hercules, the Dumb Destroyer; or, Dick, the Boy Ranger. A Romance of the Niobrara. May 26, 1885.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 34; Half-dime Library, no. 409; Half-dime Library, no. 1145.


Edward L. Wheeler. Deadwood Dick's Diamonds; or, The Mystery of Joan Porter. June 2, 1885.

Deadwood Dick story No. 31. "Applejack City," Colorado. Calamity Jane turns up alive again.


T. C. Harbaugh. The Silken Lasso; or, The Rose of Ranch Robin. June 9, 1885.

Near the Mogollon Mountains, Arizona.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Wild Yachtsman; or, The Cruise of the War-Cloud. A Romance of the Cuban Revolution. June 16, 1885.

Preceded by Half-dime Library, no. 402 and Half-dime Library, no. 407.

Mobile, Alabama; Pensacola Bay; Cuba and West Indies waters.


Frank S. Winthrop. Billy Bombshell, the Cliff Climber; or, A Hero in Spite of Fate. A Story of California. June 23, 1885.

Along the coast of southern California. Adventures of two boys on the cliffs and in a cave.


"Buckskin Sam" (Sam S. Hall). The Daisy from Denver; or, The Renegade Red. June 30, 1885.

Denver and a nearby mining town.


Jo Pierce. The Vagabond Detective; or, Bowery Bob's Boom. July 7, 1885.

A boy detective in New York City.


Edward L. Wheeler. High Hat Harry, the Base-Ball Detective; or, The Sunken Treasure. July 14, 1885.

A story of a summer resort, somewhere on the Atlantic coast.


Oll Coomes. Web-Foot Mose, the Tramp Detective; or, The Boy Bear-Slayer of the Sierras. July 21, 1885.

Found in: Half-dime Library, no. 417; Half-dime Library, no. 1127.

Road agents and vigilantes in Virginia City, Nevada, in 1863.


T. C. Harbaugh. Felix Fox, the Boy Spotter; or, The Gold Gang of New York. July 28, 1885.

Real-estate swindlers, a green country boy, and a boy detective in New York City.


A. F. Holt. The Knife King; or, The Doomed Six of Sylvania. August 4, 1885.

Gamblers, a roller-skating queen, and bad men in "Sylvania," Colorado.


J. C. Cowdrick. The Detective's Apprentice; or, A Boy without a Name. August 11, 1885.

A messenger-boy detective in New York City.


Edward L. Wheeler. Deadwood Dick in New York; or "A Cute Case." A Romance of To-day. August 18, 1885.

Deadwood Dick story No. 32. Dick finds the East worse than the West. He gets his pocket picked in New York, and goes to New Jersey.


Oll Coomes. Baby Sam, the Boy Giant of the Yellowstone; or, Old Spokane Joe's Trust. August 25, 1885.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 48; Half-dime Library, no. 422; Half-dime Library, no. 1146.


Charles Morris. The Lost Finger; or, The Entrapped Cashier. September 1, 1885.

New York City detective story.


J. C. Cowdrick. Cibuta John, the Prickly Pear from Cactus Plains; or, Red-Hot Times at Ante-Bar. September 8, 1885.

New Mexico.


T. C. Harbaugh. Texas Trump, the Border Rattler; or, Big Stages and a Bold Game. September 15, 1885.

Llano Estacado and along the Brazos, Texas. A rival makes trouble for a lover.


Edward L. Wheeler. Sam Slabsldes, the Beggar-Boy Detective; or, The Blind Man's Vengeance. September 22, 1885.

A murder-mystery story of Kentucky.


"Buckskin Sam" (Sam S. Hall). The Three Trailers; or, Old Rocky on the Rampage. A Tale of the Rio Concho. September 29, 1885.

A companion story to Half-dime Library, no. 327.

Ante-bellum days on the eastern border of the Llano Estacado, Texas.


Charles Morris. Fred Flyer, the Bounding Boy of the "Star"; or, The Reporter Detective. October 6, 1885.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 41; Half-dime Library, no. 428.


Prentiss Ingraham. Duncan Dare, the Boy Refugee; or, A Young Sailor's Fight for Fortune. A Romance of Sea and Shore. October 13, 1885.

Followed by Half-dime Library, no. 433.

Another pirate story. Locale: Long Island, in 180-.


Edward L. Wheeler. Deadwood Dick's Dust; or, The Chained Hand. A Strange Story of the Mines. Being the 35th and Ending Number of the Great "Deadwood Dick" series. October 20, 1885.

This is actually the 33d episode, not the 35th.

Arizona. Calamity Jane and Deadwood Dick both die; Dick for the last time!


Philip S. Warne. Little Ah Sin; or, The Curse of Blood. A Tale of Ranch Life. October 27, 1885.

Denver and somewhere in Colorado, two coach-trip days beyond.


Charles Morris. Invincible Logan, the Pinkerton Ferret; or, Three against One. November 3, 1885.

New York City and vicinity.


Prentiss Ingraham. A Cabin Boy's Luck; or, Captain Carl, the Corsair. November 10, 1885.

Preceded by Half-dime Library, no. 429 and followed by Half-dime Library, no. 437.

Baltimore, Staten Island, and the shores of Chesapeake Bay, early in the nineteenth century.


Edward L. Wheeler. Jim Beak and Pal, Private Detectives; or, Playing Three Hands. November 17,1885.



Arthur F. Holt. Little Lightfoot, the Pilot of the Woods; or, The Crooked Trail. A Story of the Northwest Woods. November 24, 1885.

Western Iowa, in the days of prairie schooners.


T. C. Harbaugh. Phil Flash, the New York Fox; or, The Mystery of Room 21. December 1, 1885.

A New York City detective story.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Sea Raider; or, The Hawk of the Hook. December 8, 1885.

Preceded by Half-dime Library, no. 433, and followed by Half-dime Library, no. 441.

Near Baltimore, off Long Island, and at sea.


Edward L. Wheeler. Santa Fe Sal, the Slasher; or, A Son's Vengeance. December 15, 1885.



J. C. Cowdrick. Sandy Sam, the Street Scout; or, A Neat Piece of Work. December 22, 1885.

New York and Jersey City.


Arthur C. Grissom. Little Fox-Foot, the Gold Bowie Kid; or, Old Wildfire's Treasure. December 29, 1885.

Gold region of Arizona.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Ocean Firefly; or, A Middy's Vengeance. January 5, 1886.

Preceded by Half-dime Library, no. 437.

A pirate story of the early nineteenth century. New York City and Chesapeake Bay.


"Buckskin Sam" (Sam S. Hall). Bluff Bill; or, The Lynx of the Leona. January 12, 1886.

Texas. Juan Cortina, the Mexican bandit, and Big Foot Wallace take active parts in the story.


Edward L. Wheeler. Deadwood Dick, Jr.; or, The Sign of the Crimson Crescent. January 19, 1886.

The first of the Deadwood Dick, Jr., stories. Dick Bristol takes the name of Deadwood Dick, Jr.


Oll Coomes. Little Buckskin, the Young Prairie Centaur; or, Old Kit Bandy, the Border Sleuth. January 26, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 67; Half-dime Library, no. 444; Half-dime Library, no. 1125.


T. C. Harbaugh. The City Vampires; or, Red Rolfe's Pigeon. February 2, 1886.

New York City. Archie Roy & Co., vs. the "Vampires of the Bowery."


Prentiss Ingraham. Haphazard Harry; or, The Scapegrace of the Sea. February 9, 1886.

New Jersey, New York, Boston, Gloucester, and to the West Indies. Haphazard Harry is a regular superman.


Albert W. Aiken. New York Nat; or, The Knife Detective. A Tale of Trices and Traps in Gotham. February 16, 1886.

Murder in the Old Bowery Theatre, New York, 185-.


Edward L. Wheeler. Nickle-Plate Ned; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Defiance. February 23, 1886.

No. 2 in the Deadwood Dick, Jr., series. Bozeman, Montana, and vicinity.


Joseph E. Badger. Kit Fox, the Border Boy Detective; or, The Brand-Burner's Daughter. March 2, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 82; Half-dime Library, no. 449.


Prentiss Ingraham. Wizard Will, the Wonder-Worker; or, The Boy Ferret of New York. A Romance of Mysteries in Metropolitan Life. March 9, 1886.

Followed by Half-dime Library, no. 454.

New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Nebraska in the early 1880's.


Philip S. Warne. Colorado Kate; or, The Mayor of Canyon City. A Tale of the Mines. March 16, 1886.

Canyon City, Colorado.


Jo Pierce. Hotspur Bob, the Street Boy Detective; or, Foul Play and Fair. March 23, 1886.

The story of a bank defaulter in New York City.


Edward L. Wheeler. Sunflower Sam of Shasta; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Full Hand. A Tale of You Bet. March 30, 1886.

No. 3 in the Deadwood Dick, Jr., series. Arizona.


Prentiss Ingraham. Wizard Will's Street Scouts; or, The Boy Detectives' League. A Romance of Metropolitan Mystery. April 6, 1886.

Preceded by Half-dime Library, no. 450 and followed by Half-dime Library, no. 474.

New York City, New York harbor, and a village overlooking Long Island Sound.


"Buckskin Sam" (Sam S. Hall). Little Lone Star; or, The Belle of the Cibolo. April 13, 1886.

Texas and Mexico, just before the Civil War.


Charles Morris. Billy Brick, the Jolly Vagabond; or, A Hard Nut to Crack. April 20, 1886.

Scene is laid in Philadelphia.


Oll Coomes. Wingedfoot Fred; or, Old Polar Sol from the Northwest. April 27, 1886.

Fur traders, Indians, Jesuit missionary, French Canadians, etc. in northwestern Minnesota.


Albert W. Aiken. New England Nick; or, The Fortunes of a Foundling. May 4, 1886.

Cape Ann, Boston, Cheyenne, and Omaha. A circus story.


Edward L. Wheeler. Flush Fan, the Ferret; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Big Round-Up. May 11, 1886.

No. 4 in the Deadwood Dick, Jr., series. Arizona.


Jo Pierce. The Lawyer's Shadow; or, Level-Headed Luke's Legacy. May 18, 1886.

New Haven, Connecticut, 1880. Luke, a lawyer's apprentice, turns out to be the son of Alfred Beringbrooke, and heir to a large fortune.


T. C. Harbaugh. One against Fifty; or, The Last Man of Keno Bar. A Tale of Crystal City. May 25, 1886.

In a recent bookseller's catalogue priced $25. Tucson trail, Arizona. A three-way duel.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Born Guide; or, The Sailor Boy Wanderer. June 1, 1886.

Western prairies. New York, and Baltimore. A waif--Indians--running the gauntlet. The hero becomes a sailor.


Oll Coomes. Tamarac Tom, the Big Trapper Boy;or, The Old Walruses o' the Woods. June 8, 1886.

Found in: Half-dime Library, no. 463; Half-dime Library, no. 1161.

Red River of the North, Minnesota. An Indian and trapper tale.


Albert W. Aiken. Nimble Nick, the Circus Prince. June 15, 1886.

On the Ohio River and in Kentucky "before the war." A circus story.


Edward L. Wheeler. Philo Fly of Phoenix; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Racket at Claim No. 10. June 22, 1886.

No. 5 in the Deadwood Dick, Jr., series. Arizona.


Charles Morris. Wide-Awake Jerry, Detective; or, Entombed Alive. June 29, 1886.

A city boy in the country, some miles from New York City.


J. C. Cowdrick. Disco Dan, the Daisy Dude; or,The Twins of Poor-man's Find. July 6, 1886.

A flourishing mining town in northern California.


Prentiss Ingraham. Neptune Ned, the Boy Coaster; or, Pirate in Spite of Himself. July 13, 1886.

Pirates near Maine and in England, sometime before the Revolution.


John W. Osbon. The Rival Giants of Nowhar; or, The Brothers' League. July 20, 1886.

Two giant brothers from "Nowhar," an Idaho mining town, for a definite purpose are apparently enemies.


T. C. Harbaugh. The Boy Shadow; or, Felix Fox's Hunt for the Nabob. A Tale of New York and its Man-Traps. July 27, 1886.

New York City "a few months ago."


Edward L. Wheeler. Bozeman Bill of Big Brace; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Corral. August 3, 1886.

No. 6 in the Deadwood Dick, Jr., series. Idaho.


Jo Pierce. Jaunty Joe, the Young Horse King; or, Black Jack's Big Boom. August 10, 1886.

A race-track story, in a small Long Island town.


Oll Coomes. Old Tom Rattler, the Red River Epidemic; or, Laramie Joe's Forest Pards. August 17, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 99; Half-dime Library, no. 473; Half-dime Library, no. 1162.


Prentiss Ingraham. Flora, the Flower Girl; or, Wizard Will's Vagabond Pard. A Romance of Detective Work in New York. August 24, 1886.

Preceded by Half-dime Library, no. 454.

A New York City detective story.


John S. Warner. The Black Ship. August 31, 1886.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 50; Pocket Novels, no. 26; Dime Novels, no. 574; Half-dime Library, no. 475.


Edward L. Wheeler. Humboldt Harry, the Hurricane; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Dog Detective. September 7, 1886.

No. 7 in the Deadwood Dick, Jr., series. "Hangtown," northern Idaho.


T. C. Harbaugh. The Excelsior Sport; or, The Washington Spotter. September 14, 1886.

Washington, D. C., and vicinity.


Frederick Dewey. Tangemund, the Desert Detective; or, Apache Jack's White Trail. A Tale of the Land of Silence. September 21, 1886.

Found in: Starr's American Novels, no. 114; Pocket Novels, no. 44; Dime Novels, no. 599; Half-dime Library, no. 478.

"The Land of Silence" is the region between the Colorado River and the Rio Grande.


Charles Morris. Detective Dodge; or, The Mystery of Frank Hearty. September 28, 1886.

An attempt, in New York City, to defraud an orphan boy of a western mine.


Philip S. Warne. Three Jolly Pards; or, The Pets of Paddy's Flats. A Story of Mining Camp Life. October 5, 1886.

Some boy minstrels open up in a western mining town.


Edward L. Wheeler. Moll Mystery; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Deadwood. October 12, 1886.

No. 8 in the Deadwood Dick, Jr., series. Deadwood, South Dakota.


Oll Coomes. Stonewall Bob, the Boy Trojan; or, The Search for the Hidden Cache. October 19, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 112; Half-dime Library, no. 482.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Ferrets Afloat; or, Wizard Will's Last Case. A Romance of Boy Detective Life. October 26, 1886.

Chesapeake Bay, off the Virginia, coast, New York City, Norfolk, Virginia, and Topeka, Kansas.


Henry J. Thomas. Comanche Dick and His Three Invincibles; or, Yankee Eph's Prairie Cruiser. A Romance of Old Texan Days. November 2, 1886.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 175; Pocket Novels, no. 191; Half-dime Library, no. 484.


George C. Jenks. "Git Thar" Owney, the Unknown; or, The Boy Oarsman-Detective's Double Pull. November 9, 1886.

Followed by Half-dime Library, no. 492.

A story of Pittsburgh and New York City.


Edward L. Wheeler. Sealskin Sam, the Sparkler; or, The Tribunal of Ten. A Tale of the Mines. November 16, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 62; Half-dime Library, no. 486.


Prentiss Ingraham. Nevada Ned, the Revolver Ranger; or, The Young King of the Gold Mines. A Romance of a Border Boy's Life. November 23, 1886.

Found in: Half-dime Library, no. 487; Half-dime Library, no. 1106.

Pennsylvania and Virginia City, Nevada, in 1861.


Charles Morris. Wild Dick Racket; or, How he fought for Honor. November 30, 1886.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 93; Half-dime Library, no. 488.


William G. Patten. The Diamond Sport; or, The Double Face of Bed-Rock. December 7, 1886.

"Bed Rock," a mining town, out West.


J. C. Cowdrick. Broadway Billy, the Bootblack Bravo; or, Brought to Bay by a Bold Boy. December 14, 1886.

New York City. The first of the Broadway Billy series.


Edward L. Wheeler. Prince Pistol; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Compact. A Story of a Deadly Reprisal. December 21, 1886.

No. 9 in the Deadwood Dick, Jr., series. "Cascade City" in the Rocky Mountains.


George C. Jenks. Git Thar Owney's Pledge; or, The Owls' Nest Ugly Brood. December 28, 1886.

Preceded by Half-dime Library, no. 485.

New York City and New Haven, Connecticut.


Albert W. Aiken. Taos Ted, the Arizona Sport;or, Boston Bob's Checkmate. January 4, 1887.

A Black Hills story of Indians and bad men.


Jo Pierce. Surly Sim, the young Ferryman Detective; or, The Black Bluffs Mystery. January 11, 1887.

A murder-mystery story.


Prentiss Ingraham. Arizona Joe, the Boy Pard of Texas Jack. A Story of the Strange Life of Captain Joe Bruce, a Young Scout, Indian Fighter, Miner and Ranger, and a Protege of J. B. Omohundro, the Famous Texas Jack. January 18, 1887.

Found in: Half-dime Library, no. 495; Half-dime Library, no. 1126.

Brought $8 at the O'Brien sale.

An "embroidered" biography of Joseph Bruce.


Edward L. Wheeler. Monte Cristo, Jr.; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Inheritance. January 25, 1887.

No. 10 in the Deadwood Dick, Jr., series. Del Monte, Colorado.


Prentiss Ingraham. Buck Taylor, King of the Cowboys; or, The Raiders and the Rangers. A Story of the Wild and Thrilling Life of William L. Taylor. February 1, 1887.

Found in: Half-dime Library, no. 497; Half-dime Library, no. 1148.

Buck Taylor of Texas was for a time with Cody's Wild West Show. A portrait of Taylor is given on the first page.


John W. Osbon. Cactus Burr, the Man from Hard Luck; or, Captain Noname's Mission. February 8, 1887.

On the Cimarron in New Mexico.


T. C. Harbaugh. Single Sight, the One-Eyed Sport; or, The Girl Protégée of Red Flash. A Story of the old Fatality Mine. February 15, 1887.

"Red Plash City," Colorado.

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