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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1930-1959 1960-1988 1989-1999 2000-2003


1930-1959  [Back to Top]

1930 Roy Thomson starts a radio station in Ontario.
1934 Thomson purchases Timmons Press, a gold-mining town newspaper.
1949-1952 Thomson purchases other small town newspapers.
1953-1954 Thomson moves to the UK and purchases the Scotsman.
1957 Thomson starts Scottish Television.
1959 Thomson merges Scottish Television with the UK's Kemsley Newspapers, publisher of the Sunday Times, to form the International Thomson Organization.


1960-1988  [Back to Top]

1964 Roy Thomson is given a hereditary barony and became Lord Thomson of Fleet.
1967 International Thomson buys the Times of London and forms the Times Newspapers.
1968 Thomson joins J. Paul Getty in a North Sea oil drilling venture.
1976 The bulk of International Thomson's profits are oil revenues.
1976 Roy Thomson dies and his son Kenneth becomes chairman.
1977 Thomson completes sale of Scottish Television.
1978 International Thomson goes public.
1980 Thomson acquires Warren, Gorham & Lamont, financial publishers.
1981 Thomson acquires Litton (re-named Medical Economics), healthcare information.
1981 Thomson acquires Delmar, career, technical and vocational textbooks.
1981 International Thomson sells the Times.
1983 Thomson purchases American Banker and Bond Buyer.
1985 Thomson purchases Gale Research.
1985 Thomson acquires AutEx, financial publishing.
1986 Thomson acquires Compu-Mark.
1986 Thomson acquires South Western Publishing, an educational publisher.
1987 Thomson acquires Sweet and Maxwell from Carswell, and Law Book Company from Australia to add to its legal and regulatory holdings.


1989-1999  [Back to Top]

1989 Thomson sells its North Sea oil holdings.
1989 Thomson acquires Lawyers Cooperative Publishing for $810 million.
1989 Thomson acquires RIA .
1989 Thomson Newspapers and International Thomson merge to become the Thomson Corporation
1991 Thomson purchases Macmillan Professional and Business Reference Publishing
1992 Thomson acquires MicroMedix Healthcare Series.
1992 Thomson acquires Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), publisher of the Web of Science.
1992 Thomson acquires Course Technology.
1994 Thomson acquires Access Company (reference sources and databases).
1994 Thomson acquires MedStat.
1995 Thomson acquires Petersons guides.
1996 Thomson purchases West Publishing for $3.4 billion. Sells 43 daily papers in the US and Canada.
1998 Thomson purchases tax return software maker Computer Language Research.
1998 Thomson purchases tax and law publishing units from Pearson.
1998 Thomson purchases Knight Ridders Technimetrics financial information unit.
1999 Thomson acquires Macmillan Library Reference USA for $86 million.

2000-2003  [Back to Top]

2000 Thomson sells 130 newspapers for $2.5 billion.
2000 Thomson purchases Sylvan Learning System's Prometric division.
2000 Thomson purchases Wave Technologies International, miltimedia instructional publishing.
2000 Thomson acquires La Ley Online, legal information.
2000 Thomson acquires Greenhaven Press and Lucent Books.
2000 Thomson acquires the Carson Group (financial information).
2000 Thomson acquires Physicians World.
2000 Thomson purchases Dialog.
2000 Thomson purchases Primark for $1 billion.
2001 Thomson acquires FindLaw.
2001 Thomson merges with Canadian telecommunications giant BCE, worth $2.7 billion.(it sold its 20% interest in 2003 for $279 million).
2001 Thomson purchases higher education and corporate training businesses of Harcourt General (Netg unit) from Reed Elsevier Group for $2.06 billion.
2001 Thomson purchases NewsEdge, a business information source, for $43 million and merges it with Dialog.
2002 Gale and Dialog announce partnership.
2002 Thomson acquires Current Drugs.
2002 Thomson purchases e-learning assets from McGraw-Hill.
2003 Thomson purchases Techstreet, a digital content company focused on technical information.
2003 Thomson purchases Elite Information Group, Inc., for $122 million.
2003 Thomson's medical magazine portfolio, including Medical Economics, Drug Topics, and Patient Care, among others, is up for sale and likely to auctioned off by year end.
2004 Thomson's Findlaw acquires Glasser LegalWorks, a producer of legal and law practice serminars, events and publications. Glasser will become a part of Findlaw.
2004 Thomson-Gale acquires Scholarly Resources.