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Stuttgart, Germany

1843-1986 1989-1995 1999-2005


1843-1986   [Back to Top]

1843 The Macmillan Company is founded by Daniel and Alexander Macmillan, two brothers from the Scottish Isle of Arran.
1869 The Macmillans launch Nature under editor Sir Norman Lockyer
1877 The Macmillans launch the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.
1899 Palgrave's Dictionary of Political Economy is launched.
1948 Georg von Holtzbrinck launches Stuttgarter Hausbucherei (later Deutsche Bucherbund), a German book club.
1960s-1970s Holtxbrink acquires Droemer, Kindler, Rowohlt, and S. Fischer Verlag.
1971 Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck is created as a holding group for the companies.
1983 Georg von Holtzbrinck dies and his son Diet becomes head of the company.
1985 Holtzbrinck acquires Holt's general book division and names it Henry Holt Company.
1986 Holtzbrinck acquires Scientific American for $52.6 million after the magazine rejects a $61 million offer from Robert Maxwell.

1989-1995   [Back to Top]

1989 Holtzbrinck sells the book club.
1992 Nature Genetics is launched.
1994 Holtzbrinck purchases a majority interest in Farrar, Straus & Giroux.
1995 Holtzbrinck purchases 70% interest in Macmillan Publishing Ltd.

1999-2005   [Back to Top]

1999 Holtzbrinck completes the purchase of Macmillan Publishing Ltd. (the Macmillan Reference USA was sold to Pearson earlier).
1999 Nature Publishing Group is formed, incorporating Nature, the Nature Research Journals, NPG specialist journals (formerly Stockton Press), and NPG Reference (formerly Macmillan Reference Ltd.).
2000 The scholarly and reference division of St. Martin's Press joins with Macmillan to form the Palgrave imprint.
2001 Nature Publishing Group (NPG) launces Encyclopedia of Life Sciences.
2001 Thomson Learning purchases the political science textbook list from Bedford, Freeman and Worth of Holtzbrinck.
2002 Holtzbrinck sells its scientific and educational publishing unit to Elsevier Science. The imprints include Urban & Fischer, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, and SFG Servicecenter Fachverlage.
2004 Holtzbrinck acquires Roaring Book Press, a trade and children's book publisher,which will become a division of Henry Holt.
2005 Palgrave Macmillan acquires 21 journals from Henry Stewart Publications, Ltd, including all the journals in management, finance, property and allied areas.