Cambridge Information Group

Bethesda, Maryland

1971-1993 2001-2006


1971-1993   [Back to Top]

1950s Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) founded
1971 Cambridge Information Group founded with initial holdings of CSA, Disclosure Incorporated, and National Standards Association
1987 Disclosure Incorporated sold to VNU, the Dutch publishing conglomerate
1993 National Standards Association sold to Information Handling Services, Inc.
1993 CSA reorganized exanding beyond the life and physical sciences to encompass social sciences, arts and the humanities. Design and Applied Arts Index and Public Affairs Infomation Service acquired

2001-2006   [Back to Top]

2001 CIG purchases R.R. Bowker from Reed Elsevier.
2001 CIG enters into a partnership to form RefWorks, providing the first bibliographic management service. Sales and marketing are handled by CSA.
2002 R.R. Bowker acquires Pubnet, which allows booksellers to order directly from publishers and wholesalers.
2003 R.R. Bowker acquires PubEasy, a UK company which enables booksellers to make inquiries and place orders directly to publishers.
2003 CIG purchases Sotheby's Institute of Art -- London
2004 R.R. Bowker purchases Monument Information Resources, leading provider of textbook sales data for the higher education marketplace and Syndetic Solutions, which offers OPAC enrichment services to libraries.
2005 CIG buys Sotheby's Institute of Art -- New York
2006 CIG purchases ProQuest Information and Learning for $222 million.